Welcome to Cowtown

Cowtown Range is a unique training and shooting facility due to our picturesque, natural high desert setting and mountainous topography.
The Cowtown Range property has numerous hills, cliffs, and valleys and is situated a few miles south of Lake Pleasant dam adjacent to the Agua Fria River bed and surrounded by State and County lands.
The terrain is a mixture of washes, open spaces, and hills which is ideal for long-range precision shooting, camouflage, tracking, K-9 exercises, and advanced night vision exercises.
None of these training missions are feasible on traditional flat shooting ranges.

Cowtown Range Features

Pistol & Carbine Bays

Multiple Paintball Fields

Cowboy Action Shoot Village

Precision Shooting Training

LE/Mil Tactical Training

Fun & Exciting “Experience” Shoots

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Your Own Private Range

Our membership packages fit any budget and give you the flexibility  to use the range when you want and how you want. No range “babysitters” here. Just responsible gun owners.