Rob Orgel
Chief Instructor, Cowtown Range


Rob served in the United States Marine Corps from 2004 to 2014 as an infantry rifleman.  After multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan he was selected to be a USMC combat instructor.  As an instructor at School of Infantry (SOI), West he surpassed his peers as an instructor and weapons subject matter expert, and was quickly assigned to an advanced team of teachers called the Instructor Group. A short time later, he again advanced to the hand selected group of instructors called the Testing and Evaluation Team.  While a combat instructor at SOI, West Rob trained 21,000 Marines in combat skills ranging from machine-gun shooting to hand grenade tossing.

After 10 years as a Marine, Rob elected to leave the ‘Corps and was immediately hired by SOC-USA, LLC (a Government contractor) as a weapons instructor.  He subsequently spent the following four years (2014-2018) in Baghdad, Iraq. During that time his primary duty was to train other private military contractors in a variety of advanced weapon skills and qualifications.

Rob is a highly professional and articulate platform instructor with an analytical and learned approach to firearms instruction.  His platform instruction capabilities are supplemented by his ability to provide superior practical application and one on one training sessions in a personal and relaxed atmosphere.  All of Rob’s students finish his courses with greatly enhanced shooting skills and a comprehensive understanding of firearms marksmanship and manipulation.

Instructor Positions:

  • MOS 0913 – USMC Combat Instructor
  • MOS 0933 – USMC Combat Marksmanship Coach
  • MOS 0931 – USMC Combat Marksmanship Trainer
  • Personal Security Specialist and Firearms Instructor, SOC-USA, LLC
  • Integration Training Instructor, SOC-USA, LLC

Certifications held and schools attended:

  • Tacflow Advanced Sniper course
  • Sig Sauer Sniper school
  • Ogara Training Group Personal Security Specialist course
  • Ogara Training Group Emergency Response Team course
  • Ogara Training Group Basic Field Firearms Officer course
  • Formal School Instructor
  • Basic Instructor Course
  • Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Coach
  • Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Instructor
  • Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Trainer
  • Advanced Combat Tracking Instructor
  • Squad Medic Course
  • Combat Live Saver course
  • Foreign Weapons Training Course
  • Mountain Warfare Training Center
  • Non Lethal Weapons Course
  • Counter IED Course

Billets Held (USMC):

Point man, Squad Medic, Radio Operator, Platoon Interpreter (Arabic), Fire Team Leader, Squad Leader, Combat Instructor, Primary Instructor, T/E Instructor

Billets Held (Contractor):

Personal Security Specialist and Firearms Instructor & Integration Training Instructor

Decorations and Awards

Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation (2nd award),  Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (3rd award), Operation Enduring Freedom Medal (2nd award), Iraq Campaign Medal (3rd award), Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (4th award), Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, NATO Medal, Certificate of Commendation, Meritorious Mast.